Finance Services

Finance Services

Rosano Capital Group (RCG) is a commercial real estate capital firm with a service platform, market knowledge, and capital relationships to place the best possible financing for your commercial real estate investments. RCG’s fully integrated capital platform provides access to a robust suite of financing and real estate solutions. RCG provides a broad scope of flexible and innovative debt and equity financing strategies for all property types throughout North America.

RCG’s platform of services is one of many reasons why investors, developers, and managers of commercial real estate seek its financing services. With a prolific slate of capital relationships, which includes agencies, conduits, credit unions, life companies, national and regional lenders, RCG is able to add capital value to its clients through a wide range of financing structures:

  • Permanent Financing
  • Bridge Debt
  • Construction Debt
  • Structured Financing
  • Interim Financing
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Equity Financing

Our approach consist of the identification of a client’s requirements and possible financing structures, matching of a client’s objectives with the most appropriate commercial real estate financing alternatives in the marketplace.

Rosano Capital Group provides our clients with “best in class” services across all product types via a broad spectrum of real estate finance services that assist our clients in capitalizing real estate in the most profitable and efficient manner possible.


Our Value-Add Process

Rosano Capital Partners (RCP) creates value to its clients by creating the capital marketplace for each investor, developer, and manager of commercial real estate. The offering process involves identifying client requirements and possible financing structures then underwriting, packaging, and positioning the client’s financing needs amongst the most suited and competitive institutions.

It is through this process our clients are able to leverage the capital marketplace to their advantage.

In House Underwriting– A thorough overview of quantitative data is assembled in order to efficiently describe current, and historical, operating information. It is this type of financially coherent picture that can make or break a client’s investment objectives.

In House Packaging– Each finance scenario has characteristics that make it distinctive, which merits tailored made capital solutions. Understanding, uncovering and assembling the “big picture” is part of the process of procuring the most competitive rate and terms for each individual client.

Lender Positioning and Bidding– Considerable capital relationships allow for the client’s financial needs to be positioned amongst the best suited and most competitive institutions within the capital marketplace. RCP creates a market-place for each property and deal that is represented.

The marketing integrity that RCP has garnered through the efficient and professional positioning of finance packages is how capital value is created for commercial real estate investors across the nation.


Team Overview

Rosano Capital Partners (RCP) hires and retains commercial real estate finance associates who are of the highest ethical compass. The backbone of how RCP is able to maximize client value lies within the integrity, knowledge, and culture of its professionals; as a result, RCP’s finance professionals are some of the most trusted finance advisers in the industry.

The integrity and professionalism that is practiced on a deal-by-deal basis allows for high precision capital structuring. RCP specialists are highly trained advisers who keep a pulse on Wall Street along with domestic, and international, economics which invariably affords them keen capital insight. A culture of team work and on-going education fosters professional development, along with innovative capital execution. Consequently, clients can rest assured that RCP will always assemble the best team “on the field” for their commercial real estate investment goals.